KONO Taro, 57, is an eight-term Member of the House of Representatives. He
has been Minister for Administrative Reform and Regulatory Reform in the Suga
Government since September 16, 2020.

Among positions he has held are Minister of Defense; Foreign Minister;
Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission, or Minister in charge
of the National Police Organization; Minister for Civil Service Reform;
Minister in Charge of Consumer Affairs and Food Safety; and Minister in
Charge of Disaster Management in the Abe Government, Parliamentary
Secretary for Public Management and Senior Vice-Minister of Justice in
the Koizumi Government, and Chairman of the Standing Committee on
Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives. Taro is a graduate of the
School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. He was Chairman of
the Japan Race Horse Association and Chairman of the Shonan Bellmare
Football Club, the 1995 Asia Champion Soccer Club. He is married to
Kaori and has a son, Ippei.

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